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Wesley Enterprises Group


We coach & mentor conscious, mid-life, men and women
to transform their inner mental power
 to experience an enriched and magical life, by providing education and investing services within health, wealth & happiness.

We assist you in taking control, to design your life.
We wish for everyone to live a rich life, in all aspects of life.

By creating freedom in time, health and wealth, you are creating the opportunities for you to experience and have the absolutely best in life. It is all about owning your life and living life to the fullest! And everyone can achieve it.

Wesley Enterprises Group assists and supports you in setting up the structured and managed self-sustaining system you need, in order for you to achieve this freedom, helping you to explore and expand your resources to excellence and mastery.

Mission statement

Description of the business in a way that the business would like to be perceived in the future

Wesley Enterprises Group is standing for high quality services and integrity, delivering financial services that creates wealth and prosperity, educational services within health, wealth & happiness.


How a utopia would look like

Wesley Enterprises Group is providing services to assist each client to passionately create a rich and magical life of their dreams & desires.


How we will reach the vision

Wesley Enterprises Group will provide high quality services within education & investing, We will always elevate, promote and support the customers to excellence and mastery.


What drives us to run the business

Wesley Enterprises Group is firely passionate about creating opportunities, assisting and supporting people to live a rich and magical life.

What we do

What We do

Wesley Enterprises Group develops and provides educations, everything you need to take action to design and achieve the life of your dreams & desires. 

We give you the tools and the knowledge to overcome the obstacles and problems in life and to create the successes that you vision. 

We coach and mentor you to achieve the ability to become excellent or a master, whether it being in your personal life or in your career.

We combine theory with practice, not only with real life educations and courses, but also provides you with opportunites to invest in our projects, in order for you to enjoy the joy and freedom of financial freedom.

Wesley Enterprises Group is owned and managed by Ann-Charlotte (Lotta) and Michael Wesley.

Lotta and Michael Wesley are entrepreneurs who have run several companies since 1984, both separately and together since 2007.

Today they own a number of companies, both in Sweden and abroad. The core focus is to help people to live a rich, joyful and happy life.

Our firely passion is to see our clients use thier inner resurces and design the life that they dream about.  A life to live in passion.

We have been working with finance, time, health and personal development for many years, and through the Wesley Enterprises Group we provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of our experiences, lessons learned and strategies.